View-Master Collection

Some of the many forms of viewers and reels for ViewMaster:

View-Master is fun to collect. There are many types available, and thousands of reels. Try checking out Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, 2nd Hand Stores, Internet auction sources (hint: search for "view" only; spelling varies by individual).

3-D slides. When collecting, it is important to find covers and booklets, although some of the more rare reels are still quite valuable by themselves.

Model "B" Viewer, 1944-1948:
Made from black Bakelite, it opens like a clam shell, hinged at the base. The reel is put inside and the viewer then closed.

Model "M" Viewer, produced 1986-1990:
Unusual design with a transparent back. Known for its poor construction it did not do well, which makes it more collectible today.

A few View-Master projectors for viewing the reels on-screen:

Model "F" Viewer, produced 1958-1966:
Model "F" has a built-in light source activated by depressing the bar on top.
Junior Projector:
Projects two-dimensional pictures up to 16" x 14". Metal and plastic construction, it operates on 110AC.

S-1 Projector:
Designed for non-stereo projection and full colour View-Master reels. Metal construction - quality.

3-D Standard Projector by Sawyer:
One of the low end projectors.

"Talking" View-Masters, reels with soundtracks:

Electronic Talking Viewer, produced 1972-1977:
Built-in light source and an electronically amplified sound capability.

The new Talking View-Master 3-D, 1977-present:
Versions of this viewer are still made. It features new Digital sound. This particular model is "The Lost World" model.

Talking View-Master Reels:
Made for the first viewer with sound, they came in English, Spanish and German. The reels were regular View-Master reels with a vinyl record attached.

3-D cartridges for the Electronic Talking Viewer shown above.

A unique item, a View-Master board game:

Klomp-It View-Master Game:
Much sought after by "Big Game" hunters. The game is played using View-Master viewers and slides, which came with the game.

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