Alien! Backbone

Profile 3 months to go

face in the making 4 months to go

foot in the making 4months to go

Me at my most pregnant

Who’s laughing?


with the dark brown hair

Gramma at Ground Zero

Papa & Genie

1/2 hour old

Wanted: For a Bewitching Smile!

2 hours old

Genie Andraya Hazel Laroche

Coming Home

New baby sister!

couple days old

No publicity!

she IS french

Cow Kid

He loves to kick the ball

Great Grandfolk’s new couch

Wanted: For Stealing Hearts!

Taken Sep 21

7 ½ wks old

Good times

baking cookies

Vancouver Aquarium


Julien loves this tank

Beluga whale

Dirty feet

Please, sir, May I have some more?

Precise Painter

serious painter

Julien plays Harmonica

Happy Birthday, Papa

Fort Backyardigan

Primary fort

5 days to go

Julien caught this crab

Julien caught this rock

Julien’s crabby

Crescent Beach, again

2 silhouettes on the shore

Dragon Ship

Flying Dragon!


filling new pool


Whale spray

Don’t bother me, I’m reading

Sunday funnies

Reading is Fun!



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updated Sept 22, 2005