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Welcome to what is probably going to be one of the shortest pages on the Web.

REBOOT is one of the most innovative animated programs on television today. Although it began on YTV as youth programming, it has garnered a large adult audience. ReBoot takes place within the mainframe of a computer, and is, of course, computer-animated. The "Net" is populated by characters with names such as "Dot Matrix", "Megabyte", "Hexadecimal", etc. The stories revolve around control of the "Net". The program is produced in Vancouver BC, Canada, and has many "inside" bits & pieces of places familiar to Vancouverites melded into the scenery. The colours are absolutely brilliant, and one favourite in our family is the storyline "Painted Windows" which worked the story around "Paint" and "Windows" software. There are also many cameo appearances, such as when X-Files was represented by "Fax Modem" and "Data Nully".

The show has now been picked up by other stations and is certainly worth checking out if you have never seen it. The third season was much darker than previous seasons, but it ended with a new beginning for next season. Due to the length of time it takes to put together, there are a lot of repeats, but there is always more to see the second time around. The episodes are filled with detail. Anyone familiar with computers especially will have fun with ReBoot. And... for the toy collectors, there were also collectible figures of many of the ReBoot cast (see above for two of the earlier ones).


YTV ReBoot
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